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Sk!n Retreat Formally Bona Fide Beauty

Established 2013


When asked why I opened my own beauty salon; it's simple I wanted to provide the beautiful people of Perth the beauty service they deserve. 

A personal touch on every service, a friendly and welcoming environment where you can relax, enjoy, be pampered, forget about the chores and even have a giggle (as many of my clients and I do) without compromising high quality service and products. 

Sk!n Retreat is not just my business and job! It's my passion

With 15 years experience within the beauty industry Leeanda prides herself of providing each client with the best experience at our Skin Retreat.

Leeanda is an Internationally Diploma Qualified Beauty Therapist, having trained at the renowned Elly Lukas Beauty College in Melbourne and moving on to manage two successful salons in Melbourne.


When Leeanda made the moved to the West Coast and settled in Perth she noticed a lack in the market for salons the catered to both Women and Men; so began the journey of Bona Fide Beauty in Mount Hawthorn - 10 years later we built our very own Studio in Mount Hawthorn and so our Sk!n Retreat was born.


A retreat is a quiet, isolated place that you go in order to rest or do things in private.

A place you can go to be alone and get away from it all.

A peaceful and private place where you can go in order to rest and relax.

That’s exactly what I wanted to achieve when designing, building and decorating- A place of rest, relaxation, a welcoming place of privacy and peace to nourish not only your skin but also your soul this is a safe space to indulge, let go of your busy life, enjoy some quiet time or have a chat

Welcome to Skin Retreat

I look forward to welcoming and pampering you all.



SK!N By Bona Fide Beauty was established in May 2018

With years of discussion and research along came product made from passion, love for skin, the environment, safety of animals and ethically sourced ingredients. With our clients in mind I wanted to produce a product that not only had amazing qualities and did what it claimed to but to also take into account external factors like animal cruelty and ethically sourced ingredients and value for money that many of the large skincare companies shrug off during production. 

I am proud of our SK!N Retreat Skincare range that caters to all skin types using proven track record ingredients to make a real difference to your skin. 

SK!N Retreat Skincare is 

  • Australian Made

  • Cruelty Free

  • Using only Natural Botanical Ingredients

  • Vegan Friendly 

  • Ethically Sourced

  • Recyclable Packaging 

We have a complete range of products to suit every skin type and concern from cleansers, scrubs, moisturisers to our skin booster serums. 

For a Skin Consultation contact us and we can recommend what treatments and/or products we would suggest for you.

Skin Consultations are available in person, via Skype, FaceTime and Zoom or Phone with prior appointment. 

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