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Facial Treatments & Skin Peels


$50.00 - 30 MINUTES

$100.00 - 60 MINUTES

A skin consultation includes a consult with one of our qualified therapists, you'll be asked to complete a questionnaire based on your skin at present, in the past, lifestyle factors, diet and skincare routine. We will proceed to gently cleanse your skin so we can see your skin free of product and to take a look at your skin under a lamp, we will chat to you about your desires and how we can achieve your optimum skin!

You consultation price is redeemable on the day if you purchase 2 or more skin care products or purchase a facial treatment. A full Skin Consultation (60Min) includes a emailed report including a full breakdown of treatments, products and advised protocols.

If you are unsure of which treatment to book we advise either booking a skin consultation to decide which treatment is best. If you are short of time we advise booking either Signature Retreat Facial, Lymphatic Therapy or Enzymatic Therapy as a starting point.


Regardless of your age or gender, if you want your skin to look its best you have to take care of it.


A facial does for your skin what a month of exercise and good nutrition does for your body – noticeably improve its look and feel. Through exfoliation, deep-cleaning of the pores, stimulating improved circulation, and use of professional-strength products, your therapist can make a lot of progress towards improving your skin in a single session. 

Like a personal trainer, they has experience, techniques, knowledge, products and equipment that cannot be replicated at home.

Why not book your skin analysis with one of our Beauty Therapist and allow her to recommend a skincare routine and in salon treatment best to suit your skin!
Each facial at Bona Fide Beauty is customised to suit the individual.
Be sure to check out our Monthly Deals which include Facials and additional beauty treatments.


Retreat - a quiet place to rest and relax.


A soul nourishing treatment, Choose your own music or be guided by therapist with hypnotic spa music. Float away with the Botanical Double Cleanse, Rosehip Watermelon & Strawberry Exfoliation. A 20 minute Full Face, Neck and Decolletage Massage with our very own Sk!n Lush Oil,

Sculpt and Relax Gua Sha Wand Therapy. A custom mask will be made Up and applied whilst you indulge with our Sensory Scalp Massage,Lower Leg and Foot Massage. Your skin will be blissed with Elixirs to hydrate and nourish the skin.


A nourishing and relaxing facial using our botanical products to enhance a state of relaxation and harmony within the skin and body. Includes our Signature Face and Neck Massage.


Petite Skin treatment and pick me up to refresh the skin. Includes a Scalp Massage or Face Massage, Deep Cleanse and Hydration.


Pure harmonic treatment designed to bring the skin, mind and body clarity. Using our Ultrasonic Spatula to gently exfoliate and refresh, a splendid cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants are delivered by ultra frequency. HydroJelly or Thermal Mask with Sculpting Massage of the Face, Scalp Massage & Arm Hand Massage. Rich in Vitamin C for brightening and depigmentation.


Targeting the needs of male skin we take it on a nourishing and clarifying journey. Using specific products suited to the skin, environment, climate and daily regime. This replenishing treatment is sure to not only relax but rejuvenate the skin. Includes Face. Neck and Decolletage Massage, MediLUX LED, Custom Mask, Scalp Massage, Arm Hand and Lower Leg and Foot Massage


MediLUX LED $49

Extractions $75

Sensory Scalp Massage $20

Sensory Scalp Massage & Leave in Hair Mask $40

Face, Neck, Decolletage and Sensory Scalp Massage $45

Arm Hand Foot Massage $45

Collagen Eve Treatment $45

Sculpt and Relax Gua Sha Massade $30

HydroJelly Mask $19


Restore to a good healthy condition


A must have to achieve optimal happy and healthy responsive skin Lymphatic works by creating pathways for oxygen, water and nutrients to flourish and feed the cells; whist clearing out the deoxygenated blood and lymph. Giving the skin such a healthy environment to develop in is vital for skin health, function, development and appearance. Includes a Enzyme Application,Sensory Scalp Massage and Hair Treatment, Arm Hand and Foot Massage.


Using our very own Sk!n Retreat Skincare products, we developed this treatment to enhance your skins ability to function. Indulge with our Triple Cleanse and Powder Enzyme Therapy. Float the daily stresses away with our Lush Oil Massage of the Face, Neck and Decolletage, followed by a personalised mask application with our Sensory Scalp

Massage. Choice of Arm Hand or Foot Massage. We aim to correct and repair your skins function and your overall well being.


Our LED device is a TGA approved modality.

A must have for radiant glowing skin. Non-invasive and works at a cellular level. Soothing and deeply penetrating LED targets and stimulates cells to heighten their functionality, blood flow and create faster healing. Your skin looks more vibrant immediately post MediLUX. LED is renowned for its ability when treating a multitude of skin conditions like acne and rosacea due to its anti-inflammatory effects.

-With Enzvme Or Skin Peel $130

-With Dermabrasion or DermaPlaning $150

Triple Treat - MediLUX, Peel & Dermabrasion $175

ADD on to anv facial $49



A revolutionising micro-needling device that tightens, lifts, and rejuvenates skin with minimal downtime. 


Micro needling skin treatment with Dermapen 4 boosts collagen production and elastin in the deep dermal layer to restore healthy youthful skin. The result is tighter, firmer, and smoother skin.


How does Dermapen 4 skin needling work?

Skin needling with Dermapen 4 works by utilising medical-grade micro needles to create controlled micro-injuries to the skin’s surface. This may sound daunting for some, but in fact, the purpose of creating micro-injuries is to jumpstart the natural healing response and to trick the skin to produce collagen and elastin. As a result, the skin will repair itself by destroying the old, damaged tissues that cause acne scarring, wrinkles, and pigmentation, whilst replacing it with freshly produced collagen.

Is Dermapen 4 skin needling treatment safe?

Skin needling treatment with the Dermapen does not involve injections and therefore allergic reactions and side effects are unlikely to occur. It is safe to use for all skin types and colours. However, the Dermapen skin needling treatment is not suitable for people who use certain acne medication or for women who are pregnant.

Our qualified  and ATP therapist Leeanda will review your medical history and discuss any benefits and any possible risks with you before your micro needling treatment is administered.

What are the treatment areas for Dermapen 4?

The Dermapen can be used for skin needling treatment on any part of the body and can even treat the delicate areas such as the neck, around the mouth, nose, 

and eye areas.

The Dermapen renews the skin and so addresses many facial skin-related complaints, including but not limited to:

·                Acne scars

·                Surgical scars (caesarean, tummy tuck and other post-surgical scars)

·                Sun damage

·                Skin pigmentation issues

·                Fine lines and wrinkles

·                Large pores

·                Uneven skin tone

In addition to facial concerns, the Dermapen is used to treat stretch marks and scars on the thighs, abdominal, back and chest areas.

Full Face $299

Full Face and Neck $320

Full Face, Neck & Décolletage $340

Hands or Spot Treatment $85

Add on Uber Peel $49

Consultation Needed - please note preparation of skin made required if not on suitable products.

Stater Kits - From $180 


Rejuv - to make youthful or new again


A deep cleansing renewal peel to Brighten and Rejuv the skins complexion. Mild Down Time with Various types of Peels Available.Skin Preparation maybe required prior to some of these peels.

Collagen + Vitamin C Peel- Mature Skins, assist to Lighten the skin and Anti-Ageing

L+Lactic Acid Peel- Hydrate and Restore general skin condition.

Phytic Acid + ActoZyme Peel- Improve Skin texture, lighten skin imperfections, great for acne, thickened skin and pigmented skin.

Retinol + Hexylresorcinol Peel - Advanced Ageing and control pigmentation. Ideal for Skin Rejuvenation, Scarring, Melasma and General Resurfacing.

Zinc + Peptides - Repair, Rebuild and Heal. Acneic Control and Management, Accelerated Ageing and Fine Lines.


A mechanical exfoliation and vacuum like suction. Known for deep exfoliation and clearing of the pores. Reveals a much brighter complexion and smooth feeling. Includes a repair hydrating mask.

-With Skin Peel or MediLUX $150

Triple Treat -With Skin Peel + MediLUX LED $175


A clinical treatment performed by a trained therapist; we deeply

exfoliate the skin using a blade to drastically smooth the skins

surface, remove fine vellous "peach fuzz" hair. Revealing a smooth

flawless complexion and enhancing product penetration.

-With Enzyme Peel $130

-With MediLUX LED $150

Triple Treat -With Enzvme Peel + MediLUX $175


Radio Frequency technology - an aesthetic treatment used to heat the skin and tissues to stimulate new collagen growth and tightening effects. Recommend 10-12 Sessions.


IP Skin Rejuvenation targets specific imperfections as well as

overall skin rejuvenation

Face only $165

Face & Neck $199

Face, Neck & Decolletage $249

Arms & Hands $165

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