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Antioxidants and why we need them in our skincare!

Why you must use antioxidants in your skincare?

Antioxidants protect the skin by limiting free radiacal production, which can damage the skin. With daily use they can reduce lentigines (sun spots), help combat visible signs of ageing and calm skin inflammations.

Several antioxidants provide the skin with hydration and increase moisture retention to revitalize dull looking skin.

I can hear you asking well what is free radical……….

Free radiacals play a dual role in our body that can be both benefical and harmful. Our body creates free radicals to neutralize viruses and bacteria. However too much affects the DNA, lipids and proteins that can trigger further issues.

These free radicals are unstable, highly reactive molecules that have one or more unpaired electrons. To gain stability they attack stable one, triggering a chain reaction that damages healthy cells.

Once an overload is present in our system it causes oxidatitive stress or imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract or detoxify their harmful effects.

Environmental factors like radiation from sun, pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke and other toxic chemicals are known to trigger the formation of the free radicals.

Antioxidants are essential and the more you apply the better!!

Just like your diet needs a mix of healthy benefical nutrients, so does your skin!

5 Reasons to add antioxidants to your skincare routine.

· Skin Pollution Defense

· Firming the Skin

· Brighter Complaxion

· Correct signs of ageing- wrinkle fighting

· For Skin Repair, reducing inflammation and soothing skin.

Our Products that contain antioxidants in the SK!N By Bona Fide Beauty range:

· Elixir Oil

· Sk!n Health C Serum

· Restore Night Cream

· Repair A Serum

· Vegan Peptide Cream

· Enzymatic Moisturiser

· Enzymatic Serum

· Brightening Booster

· Probiotic Lotion

· Intensive Eye Repair

· Essential Moisturising SPF 15+

· Pure Native Cleanser

· Enzymatic Cleanser

Defending the skin from inside out with antioxidants!!!

It is important to think not only about what your putting on the skin but how your nourishing it from the inside too.

Have you heard the saying “You are what you eat?” well this most definitely applies to antioxidants.

By consuming antioxidants you’re giving your skin the advantage of free radical fighting and good things overall for your body and general health.

I never want to hear “they are hard to source” because antioxidants are in abundance. There is no shortage of antioxidants when it comes to vegetables and fruits.

HINT – The more colourful the better.

Let’s do the rainbow of antioxidants.

antioxidants in skin
Antioxidants in Skincare!


Watermelon and red capsicums.

Best source of lycopene a carotenoid acts as a great antioxidant.


You guessed it……Carrots are the winners here full of beta-carotene an antioxidant that pulls double by converting to Vitamin A in the body. Oranges and Mandarin = Vitamin C (Most powerful antioxidant)


Yellow Capsicums, yes, they come in yellow. A very versatile vegie packed with Vitamin C, B6, K1, E, A, Folate and Potassium. Squash once again full of Vitamin C, Folate and Beta Carotene.


Ok so we have the obvious broccoli, beans and spinage etc but think beyond fruit and veg here. Green Tea is incredibly rich in antioxidants and a great source of polyphenols molecules that have hydrating and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Broccoli is high in Lutein, Sulforaphane (potent antioxidant) Vitamin A, Zinc and Iron.


The name says it all Blueberries! Tiny and Mighty! Great source of Vitamin C and also contains Vitamin E and a very good source of fibre.


Purple Cabbage contains more antioxidants than other varieties specifically Vitamin A, C, K and B6. Garlic and Eggplant are others.

Did you know that Egg Plant is rich in Vitamin K, C B6, Potassium, Fibre, Zinc, Iron and Magnesium! You do now!

When it comes to reaping the benefits of antioxidants make sure your using the two-prong approach.

Get your external intake with skincare and line up in your diet.

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