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Winter Skin!

Winter Skin

Winter is that time of the year most of us dread weather wise however we crave that time we get to snuggle up under a cosy blanket, binging on movies or a tv series and sipping hot chocolate.

All that wintery wet windy weather and we tend to find ourselves hovering around the heater or fireplace and indulging in hot showers.

Whilst this sounds fabulous our skin suffers quiet dramatically by becoming dry, dehydrated and at times flaky.

My top tips to get through winter without becoming a lizard!

1. Moisturise

Ensure your moisturising morning and night. This will keep the skin nourished, hydrated and protected. Giving it a defence against the winter chill, wind and heat sources like internal heating and car heaters etc that we may expose ourselves to in the cooler months. Bonus points if you apply a facial oil underneath your moisturiser (see Tip #7)

Why twice a day???

AM) To protect the skin from free radical and environmental damage like weather, pollution that we cross on an everyday basis. Yes, all of this effect how our skins function and age!

PM) To repair and rejuvenate! Our skin always working so whilst we are asleep its vital, we provide/feed it with the best possible ingredients to do so and this comes in the form of our night routine and our Night Cream should be packed with active ingredients.

2. Avoid those long hot showers.

I know you crave those long hot showers in winter, but you need to cool it! Literally cool that shower down!

Hot Water is a major “oh no” when it comes to dehydrating our skin and never finish a shower without moisturising both face and body accordingly.

3. Don’t over exfoliate.

Don’t become a statistic in the “oh my skin is dry or flaky it needs exfoliating” category. Whist it may temporarily feel better or smoother for a few days or hours in some cases it can cause irritation, more predominant oil flow and/or become flaky again.

We need a protective barrier on our skin and more so in winter. The last thing we want to do is to cause more damage by taking that protective layer away on an already volatile skin. Exfoliating an unnessecary surface strips our natural barrier of protection.

4. Gentle Cleansers

Again, it’s about maintained the skins barrier (protection) and avoiding any stripping of natural oils. If your ski feels light or “squeaky clean” this means your natural oils have been stripped.

When the skin is stripped its open to irritation and further damage. It also makes the skin produce more oil so if you suffer oily skin be aware stripping products like foaming cleansers do make an oily skin worse. We recommend SK!N Pure Native Cream Cleanser or Enzymatic Gel Cleanser both filled with ingredients to avoid stripping and nourish the skin with botanical ingredients that feed and clean the skin.

5. Keep up the H20

Hydration! Hydration! Hydration!

Not only is it vital for winter but all year round, not only for skin heath but for your body in general. Did you know your vital organs and tissue require water to function accordingly? Well guess what the entire body needs water.

Not a water person???

Add a slice of fruit to your glass/bottle.

Try an herbal tea; Green Tea or Chamomile are renown for nourishing and hydrating the body whilst ensuring a glowing complexion.

6. Never forget SPF

Don’t be fooled! Even though the sun may not be visibly shining; here in Australia the UV rays are still potent. Sun damage is one of the largest impacts of premature ageing. Rain, Hail or Shine we are always wearing our Essential Moisturising SPF 15 daily! For those beach days we top up with Pelactiv Ultimate Protection 50

7. Facial Oils

My Fav!

A facial oil is for protection, extra nourishment, regeneration and repair.

Choose a rich nutrient facial oil to repair, nourish and assist in tissue regeneration. Not only will a good facial oil provide hydration it should increase skin elasticity by way of protection. We highly recommend SK!N Elixir Oil for day time and SK!N Repair + Vitamin A Oil for night (our best seller!)

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